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2015 Apr 6

A bonus code Party Poker can be used for special bonuses to those who otherwise would not have access. You will find these codes on various websites online. These websites are owned by partners who want you to sign up to Party Poker through your site. Do not let this mislead because it can grant you great benefits.

You get to use the bonus code

When you sign up with online poker bonus , you will get various benefits. One is that possibly have a right to a cash reward will be added to your account. This is an amount of cash that will esitio your account when you make a deposit. This amount may vary according to the code you use. Some bonus codes also give you the chance to play in private freerolls.

Deposit bonus Party Poker 2012

Party Poker offers a deposit bonus that new players can take. Also information about this deposit bonus. The information on this bond can be found directly on your website. The deposit bonus offered is worth 100% of the deposit from a player up to $ / £ / € 100. A player does not have to enter any code to get this bonus. This bonus is awarded to players in increments of 10% and helps new players to have a little extra money in the account. To collect this bonus must earn points but accumulate them is fun.

How to use the bonus code Party Poker

By using the bonus code Party Poker, you will find it very easy to obtain. You’ll want to start by reading the site which offers you the code and make sure you understand all the requirements. Then all you have to do is copy the voucher code and enter it into the site in the area in which they ask for a bonus code.

How do deposit bonus Party Poker are released?

To free deposit bonuses, the best you can do is read the site and be sure to understand how it works. You need to accept the terms and conditions and meet the requirements. The first thing you need to do is deposit the minimum amount to be eligible. To claim the entire deposit bonus, you will need to collect eight times the amount you deposit at Party Points. The bonus enincrementos 10% is paid and you have 120 days to clear the bonus.

2015 Mar 23

For most people, 6 handed poker games are an escape from the everyday grind of 9-10 handed games. What’s not to like? You get to loosen up your starting hands and see more action. What many people do not seem to realize is that 6 handed play is much more difficult to play, simply because of the increased pressure from the blinds forcing you to play with more marginal holdings. The great thing about 6 handed games is that it will make you a better poker player overall, especially at bigger games.

Let’s take a look at a few strategies that will allow you to make a smooth transition from 9 handed tables to 5-6 handed tables. The most important things to look at in our opinion are: starting hand selection by position; hand values and betting; and playing style adjustments. Having an understanding to these 3 key topics will develop you into an educated 6 handed player and an overall better poker player.
Table Position & Starting Hands

If you are unfamiliar with table position and starting hands for a full ring table, we suggest you look at our Table Position strategy tutorial. This will give you a better understanding to what we are about to explain. For most people, 6 handed table games generally mean that you can loosen up and play just about any face card. This can be true, but for the inexperienced this can be devastating to their chip stack as they would “overvalue” their hands.

This is what we would suggest you start out with as far as hole cards:

EP+1/EP+2: Pocket Pairs AA-99, AK-A9 suited/off suit

MP+1/MP+2: Pocket Pairs AA-55, AK-A5 suited/off suit

LP+1/LP+2: Pocket Pairs AA-22, AK-A2 suited/off suit, suited connectors down to 5-6

As you can tell, this is generally looser than a full handed table. Most sites will tell you that you can generally play much more loose than this; however, we feel that if you’re reading this, you are slightly new and we feel that this can help keep you out of trouble. The biggest difference between full ring and 6-max is that you can play A-X suited or not, and any pair goes up in value, especially preflop. Please note that we say not to play suited connectors below 5-6. The reason behind that is that 5-6 will give you the opportunity to get hi/low straights whereas 4-3 and 2-3 suited don’t have the potential to make a nut straight.

As a guide, we have this table below so that you can see where you’d be sitting in relation to the hands you would play.

Winning 6max Poker
Hand Value & Betting

The most abused concept in 6 handed poker is the idea that it is ok to loosen up so much you’re playing hands such as A-4 in EP+1 when it really shouldn’t be. Hands do go up in value, but you need to keep in mind that hand value goes up for everyone. Kickers play a very big role in 6 handed poker. If you’re holding A-5 in MP it could be easily out kicked by someone in LP holding A-8. To play it generally safe to start, you should play as if you’re in a full ring table and add just a couple hands to your range for each seating position. For example in a full ring game, if you play only AA-JJ in EP then only add maybe 1010-99 to your range. There is no reason to over adjust, and the extra hands in all of your seating positions is an aggressive enough adjustment.

What can make or break a beginning player in 6 handed games is betting. There is more semi-bluffing and bluffing than in a full ring game, and if you just limp in, you’re sure to get raised very often. Without making a raise first in, you will more than likely be unsure of where you stand, and the raiser will be very likely to win the pot if you both miss as he will have the initiative in the hand.
Playing Style Adjustments

After reading the above you will notice that these changes are very subtle. You don’t open you starting hand ranges, step on the gas, and over play and over value any ace in your hand. It’s still important to remember that without the nuts, your hand still can be beaten.

Here are a couple important things to remember about your playing style and what/how much to adjust:

If you’re a rock (very tight), you will be CRUSHED. The blinds come around 3 hands sooner. You cannot afford to play that tight. You need to loosen up a little bit; untuck your shirt or let down your hair…whatever works for you.

For loose aggressive players, you do not need to change much. However it’s important to point out that your aggressiveness will be met with other aggressive players who will have similarly adjusted playing ranges. You may find yourself backpedaling a bit with low kickers or small pairs.

It’s important to focus more on stack sizes and pot/implied odds. You will not generally have odds to chase drawing hands as often in a 6 handed game. When you face a big bet on the turn with a weak draw, sometimes the best play will be a fold or a raise rather than a call. You will notice a change in your game if can make these changes without overdoing it.

If you find yourself going broke or constantly getting outplayed, take a break and evaluate your game. It’s possible to find that you’re being too aggressive/tight and more adjustments are needed.

In short, we hope you noticed that with simple and subtle changes that the transition from playing full ring games to 6 handed games does not have to be difficult. If you take into account your seating position, starting hands, betting, and overall style, it can change the way you look at poker and make you an overall solid poker player. Solid poker players make solid cash. And you can’t argue with that.

2015 Feb 14

Well Full Tilt Poker has done it again in my opinion. Last year they brought us Rush Poker and this year they come out with anther new idea that is sure to bring some traffic to the site. The latest addition to Full Tilt is the idea of multi-entry tournaments. Lets face it, who actually plays one table at a time anymore. I doubt that anyone really plays just one table at a time anymore and this combines that multi-tabling into one single tournament.

In multi-entry tournaments you can register for the same tournament as many times as you want. Each of your individual entries will have its own chip stack and be dealt its own hand. I know what you are thinking, wait so I can chip dump to myself? Of course not. You will never be sitting at the same table with yourself. Also if it ever gets to the point that there are less tables then you have entries then your entries will merge their chip stakes. Zee Justin must be thinking, hey you guys banned me for doing this and now there will be tournaments that allow everyone to do the same thing. Maybe he should get some money for practically inventing the consept, well maybe not.

Full Tilt Poker combined Rush poker with this idea as well as multi-entry tournaments are available as Rush Poker tournaments as well. I personally haven’t played on Full Tilt Poker in months and now I can’t wait to give one of these a try. It looks like right now there are not very many of these tournments to register so we’ll have to see how this takes off.

2015 Jan 11

A Party Poker bonus code may be used by you for to get special bonuses that you would not have access under normal circumstances. You can find these codes on the internet on various websites listed. The Sites are owned by partners who want you to sign up on their website at Party Poker. Let that fool that can earn you unique advantages.
What do you get for the bonus code

When you sign up at Party Poker with a bonus code, you will get different services. One thing that you may be eligible, a great cash prize, which will be added to your account. It is an amount of money the site will credit your account when you make a deposit. This amount can and will vary depending on the code you are using. By some bonus codes you will also have the opportunity to participate in private freerolls.
Party Poker Deposit Bonus 2012

Party Poker offers a deposit bonus, you can use the new players themselves, as well as information relating to the deposit bonus. The information on this bonus you can find directly on their website. The deposit bonus offered is 100% of the player and up to 100 $ / £ / € deposit. A player must not enter the code in order to receive this bonus. This bonus will give players in increments of 10% paid and supported new players going to have a little more money in their account. To earn this bonus Points must be earned, which is a very simple matter.
Using the Party Poker Bonus Code 2012

If you use the PartyPoker bonus code, you will find that you can get it pretty easy to redeem. You should read the site offering the code to make sure that you understand all the requirements. Then you just have to copy and paste the coupon code in the appropriate section on the website, if you are asked.
How is the Party Poker Deposit Bonus redeemed?

When it comes to the redemption of the deposit bonus, it’s best if you read through the website to ensure that you have the procedure properly understood. You must agree to the Terms of Use and meet the requirements. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you pay the minimum amount required for the bonus to be able to get this to. To claim the full deposit bonus, you must collect eight times the amount of your deposit in Party Points. The bonus is paid out in increments of 10% and you have 120 days to clear the bonus.

2014 Dec 13

Carbon Poker is the flagship site on the fastest growing poker network in the world, the Merge Gaming Network. This is the same network that Lock Poker operates under. While other networks are struggling to stay afloat, the Merge Network of poker sites has grown more than anyone else. When you sign up at Carbon Poker through FeltPoker.com and use the 2012 Carbon Poker Coupon Code CPNOW, you will receive an incredible cashback rate of up to 60%. Cashback payments are made automatically into your player account.

55-60% Rakeback Equivalent
150% Deposit Bonus up to $750
$5000 Private Freeroll
$10,000 Private Rake Race
FREE Drag the bar membership
$2,000 Tournament Ticket!
Free $25 Bankroll!

The 60% rakeback that Carbon Poker offers is not only among the best rates in the industry, but they also do not nickel and dime their players like some sites do. They do not deduct bonuses from your rakeback and you won’t see all of the other deductions that many sites have starting taking from their players. Carbon is a true player’s site.
Carbon Poker also offers rakeback on all tournament entry fees, so whether you are playing cash games, Sit & Go’s or trying your luck in the $50k guarantee, 35% of your rake or entry fee is paid back into your player account!
Carbon Poker Review 20121

If you have never played at Carbon Poker, one of the first things that will strike you is how bad the play is overall. Especially if you come from one of the larger sites, flooded with break-even grinders, Carbon will have you giddy with the weak players or super-lags that seem to be just giving away money. Use the 2012 Carbon Poker Bonus Code CPNOW

Carbon also has recently released a Mac version of their software, so even if you are not on a PC, you can get in on the action.

Another feature that Carbon Poker is famous for is their Bad Beat Jackpot. While not as fast-growing as some sites, it can still reach huge numbers. In fact, at the time of this review, the Bad Beat Jackpot is well over $300k.
Carbon Poker Game Selection

There are a plethora of games available for play at Carbon. Stud games including 7-Card, 7-Card Hi/Lo, 5-Card and Razz are available along with 5-Card Draw, Triple Draw, Badugi and mixed games. However, rarely will you find many, if any, games running other than Omaha and Hold’em.

The Hold’em tables will hold the majority of the players, but Omaha is quite popular at Carbon as well. The Bad Beat tables start at $.50/$1 and up, No Limit Hold’em, so when the jackpot is large, look for these tables to be very popular.

They also offer lots of tournament action at Carbon, including guaranteed prize pool tournaments, multi-table tournaments, Sit & Go’s and satellites.

Additionally, if you feel like throwing a little money around, there are a few casino games offered at Carbon, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud, Video Poker, Backgammon and Euchre.
Carbon Poker Software
The software available at Carbon Poker is unique to the Merge sites. It does take a little getting used to when coming from a different site, but once you figure out all of the features and tricks, you will agree that Carbon Poker’s software is among the best in the online poker world. It is stable, easy to navigate, attractive, and has all the features you would expect from a world-class poker site.
Carbon Poker Deposit Options for 2012
One important aspect of choosing a new poker site is the ability to get money on and off with little hassle. As many of us know, this is easier said than done in this day and age. However, Carbon Poker may pleasantly surprise the doubters, as there are multiple options for deposits, including eChecks. E-wallets are another option, as well as Visa and Mastercard where available. Withdrawals are processed quickly and reliably by check. 2012 Carbon Poker Promo Code CPNOW
Carbon Poker Support
Carbon Poker’s support is very good for a smaller site. They are available 24/7 through email and real money players can access customer support through live chat available on the poker client. This is also available at any time day or night. Carbon Poker may pleasantly surprise the doubters, as there are multiple options for deposits, including eChecks. E-wallets are another option, as well as Visa and Mastercard where available. Withdrawals are processed quickly and reliably by check.

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