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2015 Sep 1

Lotto Leader online lottery Euro Jackpot is probably one of the biggest lottery games ever played in the whole world. There are 16 countries which participate in this game. Like any other lottery game which is played online, this is an easy game. But first you need to know how you can buy the tickets.

When you buy the tickets, you have to pick random numbers between 1 and 50. Also, you need to pick up Euro numbers from 1 to 10. The best thing about this online lottery game is that you need not buy the tickets from a physical location. Purchasing them online is safer and definitely easier. Also, you need not stay in any of the 16 countries to participate in this game. If you know a lottery concierge service which is a trusted name, you can simply buy the tickets through them. You just need to place the order, and the concierge service will buy the ticket on your behalf. After buying the tickets, they will simply send a copy of the ticket to the account.

Online casinos let gamblers play for real money and some of these online casinos give players a chance to play for free with fake money so that they will get used to them before they play for real money. Online casinos like Top Australian Casinos: Sun Vegas Casino provide players with a 5-star Australia experience and they give you tips on safe and secure banking at internet casinos.

You need to register for the game, to create an account. All you have to do is to go to the Euro Jackpot page, choose the numbers or simply go for ‘Quick Pick’ if you are sceptical about picking the numbers. Also, please remember that you need to pick at least three lines for starting the game. After you are done with picking the numbers and lines, a scanned copy of the tickets and an email confirmation for the order will be directed to the account.

If you are a resident of any of the 16 countries participating in Euro Jackpot, you can buy the tickets yourself. You can visit the authorized retailer, fill the play slip and hand out the money. Winning a big prize is not always the main thing; but to participate in such a huge game played by so many players from all over the world has its own high!

2015 May 20

Want a good time and a good chance of winning? Paddy Power Casino offers a real chance to stack up the loot with the game Chain Reactors. I got lost in the game and almost forgot I was playing slots as my bank roll climbed. There were even a few times when I found myself jumping out of my chair with excitement and my wife having to remind me it was only a game. I’m not usually the “get-worked-up-over-a-video-game guy” but I couldn’t contain myself with the realistic nature of the play.

This casino seems to work hard at making sure they know what the player is looking for and how to answer any questions along the way. It’s easy to get started and whether you are a seasoned player or a first timer, you will find it user friendly, simple to understand and fun to play.

In my opinion, having to spend thirty minutes to sign up for a new online service, just to get to the service you want, makes me not want to join. With Paddy and the other great casinos I found on Super Free Slot Games, that wasn’t at all an issue. I was playing, lost in the action in a few short minutes. I’m fairly new to this site but I’m all ready to share this with the guys.

Once a month I host a guys and games night, and next month I will be introducing some of my friends to several of the games on this site. We’ve been looking for some new, exciting online gameplay and now, I’ve found it. My only concern being that I may have to kick them out hours after they were supposed to go home to their wives. Then, it will be guys night no more and I will be alone, playing for days on end with the wide variety of gaming that Paddy and the other casinos offer. Click here for latest no deposit bonuses

The House of Fun was the other game that I gave a go and though I wasn’t quite as fond of it as Chain Reactors (mostly because I didn’t win as much), it was still worth spinning a few times. One of the great attributes of this site is that there is something for everyone who enjoys having fun at an online casino. Whether you’re into the action for the great cast that hosts the other areas of the casino or you like a lot of slot control and loose spins that seem to keep you rolling in dough, this site will definitely keep you happy with their range of exciting new games. Unlike other sites I’ve visited, Paddy Power is constantly adding new games, which is nice when you’re used to getting bored of the same three games that some other places have to offer.

2015 Apr 27

Improving your game and changing your strategies in poker is much better than just monitoring your winnings over your losses or the other way around.  Here are some ways on how you could win more often when you play online poker.

You have to be well-energized before heading to the online poker table. If you are tired from work, you have a jet lag, you do not feel well, or you are drunk, better not play because you will just end up losing all your chips or money.  Remember that there are many good players who can instinctively tell who’s concentrating on the game, who’s just playing around and who’s out of focus.  So, if your body wants to play, but your mind can’t, just go to bed, have a good night sleep and just play when you’re fully energized.

Winning online poker is not all about knowing the rules and strategies of the game, you also should know up to what extent your potentials are in playing poker.  Also, find a perfect time when you can play with enough focus – you must always be full of energy for you to win and bank a good amount of money.

WH Poker Bonus (1)

Set a time dedicated only in playing online poker. You can play online poker anytime you want, but when it involves real money, you have to allot a special time in playing this game.   Otherwise, you will not be able to concentrate on your game and you will only keep on losing.  Examples of distractions that can affect your play are the people in your home, TV, friends who keeps calling you, etc.

To avoid getting distracted, set a time where you will not be bothered that much. Some people choose to play at night time because the surroundings are quiet, which means there is more possibility that one can concentrate and often win a pot.

Know your potentials before doing what the experts do. Good online poker players can manage to play in several tables all at the same time – not everyone has this kind of talent.  If you decide to play in more than just one table, you must see to it that you can give equal attention in all the different tables where you’re playing and enough focus that will lead you to winning most of your games.  You also must be able to keep track of all your winnings in each table and keep a record of it for it will serve as your basis in determining how many tables you can handle all at once.

2015 Apr 6

A bonus code Party Poker can be used for special bonuses to those who otherwise would not have access. You will find these codes on various websites online. These websites are owned by partners who want you to sign up to Party Poker through your site. Do not let this mislead because it can grant you great benefits.

You get to use the bonus code

When you sign up with online poker bonus , you will get various benefits. One is that possibly have a right to a cash reward will be added to your account. This is an amount of cash that will esitio your account when you make a deposit. This amount may vary according to the code you use. Some bonus codes also give you the chance to play in private freerolls.

Deposit bonus Party Poker 2012

Party Poker offers a deposit bonus that new players can take. Also information about this deposit bonus. The information on this bond can be found directly on your website. The deposit bonus offered is worth 100% of the deposit from a player up to $ / £ / € 100. A player does not have to enter any code to get this bonus. This bonus is awarded to players in increments of 10% and helps new players to have a little extra money in the account. To collect this bonus must earn points but accumulate them is fun.

How to use the bonus code Party Poker

By using the bonus code Party Poker, you will find it very easy to obtain. You’ll want to start by reading the site which offers you the code and make sure you understand all the requirements. Then all you have to do is copy the voucher code and enter it into the site in the area in which they ask for a bonus code.

How do deposit bonus Party Poker are released?

To free deposit bonuses, the best you can do is read the site and be sure to understand how it works. You need to accept the terms and conditions and meet the requirements. The first thing you need to do is deposit the minimum amount to be eligible. To claim the entire deposit bonus, you will need to collect eight times the amount you deposit at Party Points. The bonus enincrementos 10% is paid and you have 120 days to clear the bonus.

2015 Mar 23

For most people, 6 handed poker games are an escape from the everyday grind of 9-10 handed games. What’s not to like? You get to loosen up your starting hands and see more action. What many people do not seem to realize is that 6 handed play is much more difficult to play, simply because of the increased pressure from the blinds forcing you to play with more marginal holdings. The great thing about 6 handed games is that it will make you a better poker player overall, especially at bigger games.

Let’s take a look at a few strategies that will allow you to make a smooth transition from 9 handed tables to 5-6 handed tables. The most important things to look at in our opinion are: starting hand selection by position; hand values and betting; and playing style adjustments. Having an understanding to these 3 key topics will develop you into an educated 6 handed player and an overall better poker player.
Table Position & Starting Hands

If you are unfamiliar with table position and starting hands for a full ring table, we suggest you look at our Table Position strategy tutorial. This will give you a better understanding to what we are about to explain. For most people, 6 handed table games generally mean that you can loosen up and play just about any face card. This can be true, but for the inexperienced this can be devastating to their chip stack as they would “overvalue” their hands.

This is what we would suggest you start out with as far as hole cards:

EP+1/EP+2: Pocket Pairs AA-99, AK-A9 suited/off suit

MP+1/MP+2: Pocket Pairs AA-55, AK-A5 suited/off suit

LP+1/LP+2: Pocket Pairs AA-22, AK-A2 suited/off suit, suited connectors down to 5-6

As you can tell, this is generally looser than a full handed table. Most sites will tell you that you can generally play much more loose than this; however, we feel that if you’re reading this, you are slightly new and we feel that this can help keep you out of trouble. The biggest difference between full ring and 6-max is that you can play A-X suited or not, and any pair goes up in value, especially preflop. Please note that we say not to play suited connectors below 5-6. The reason behind that is that 5-6 will give you the opportunity to get hi/low straights whereas 4-3 and 2-3 suited don’t have the potential to make a nut straight.

As a guide, we have this table below so that you can see where you’d be sitting in relation to the hands you would play.

Winning 6max Poker
Hand Value & Betting

The most abused concept in 6 handed poker is the idea that it is ok to loosen up so much you’re playing hands such as A-4 in EP+1 when it really shouldn’t be. Hands do go up in value, but you need to keep in mind that hand value goes up for everyone. Kickers play a very big role in 6 handed poker. If you’re holding A-5 in MP it could be easily out kicked by someone in LP holding A-8. To play it generally safe to start, you should play as if you’re in a full ring table and add just a couple hands to your range for each seating position. For example in a full ring game, if you play only AA-JJ in EP then only add maybe 1010-99 to your range. There is no reason to over adjust, and the extra hands in all of your seating positions is an aggressive enough adjustment.

What can make or break a beginning player in 6 handed games is betting. There is more semi-bluffing and bluffing than in a full ring game, and if you just limp in, you’re sure to get raised very often. Without making a raise first in, you will more than likely be unsure of where you stand, and the raiser will be very likely to win the pot if you both miss as he will have the initiative in the hand.
Playing Style Adjustments

After reading the above you will notice that these changes are very subtle. You don’t open you starting hand ranges, step on the gas, and over play and over value any ace in your hand. It’s still important to remember that without the nuts, your hand still can be beaten.

Here are a couple important things to remember about your playing style and what/how much to adjust:

If you’re a rock (very tight), you will be CRUSHED. The blinds come around 3 hands sooner. You cannot afford to play that tight. You need to loosen up a little bit; untuck your shirt or let down your hair…whatever works for you.

For loose aggressive players, you do not need to change much. However it’s important to point out that your aggressiveness will be met with other aggressive players who will have similarly adjusted playing ranges. You may find yourself backpedaling a bit with low kickers or small pairs.

It’s important to focus more on stack sizes and pot/implied odds. You will not generally have odds to chase drawing hands as often in a 6 handed game. When you face a big bet on the turn with a weak draw, sometimes the best play will be a fold or a raise rather than a call. You will notice a change in your game if can make these changes without overdoing it.

If you find yourself going broke or constantly getting outplayed, take a break and evaluate your game. It’s possible to find that you’re being too aggressive/tight and more adjustments are needed.

In short, we hope you noticed that with simple and subtle changes that the transition from playing full ring games to 6 handed games does not have to be difficult. If you take into account your seating position, starting hands, betting, and overall style, it can change the way you look at poker and make you an overall solid poker player. Solid poker players make solid cash. And you can’t argue with that.

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